Only the most outrageously gorgeous dressed are invited

Ahh it’s that time again, the MET Gala, where all the big names in the fashion and arts world are invited. They are known to show up in outrageous outfits, and shmooze the red carpet, this year was no exception.

The gorgeous people all donned their favorite designers, but the names that trended the most on twitter are none other than Mr. Michael Kors, Givenchy, Dior and Marc Jacobs.  Jennifer Lopez & Miranda Kerr wore Michael Kors, both looking stunning. Givenchy was Beyonce’s chosen designer, and I need to say that her train was gorgeous! I don’t agree with how it fit her bust line, but Beyonce has a way to make anything look good. Dior, was worn by Jennifer Lawrence, after her outfit win in the oscars this year. Last but not least, Mylie Cyrus wearing Marc Jacobs. Her dress hugged her body so tight and was a very daring style, true to the star’s new edgy look.

Twitter was tweeting a storm with everyone’s outfits, getting more outrageous than the next. Madonna, making a huge statement in those tiny shorts. Hey, if I had a body like her’s I’d flaunt it. Sienna Miller is always a stunner, and her date for the evening corresponded with an outfit that flattered both of them.

My favorite for the evening is Miranda Kerr and Emma Watson. Both in their black cut out dresses, that complimented both stars very well without being too much. What can i say I’m a sucker for the less is more (which apparently meant fabric wise too haha).

The dresses I was not a fan of (sigh) was Kim Kardashian’s flower printed look. I have to say, in her defense she is 6 months pregnant, and was going for a more figure flattering style. I also didn’t agree with Nicki Minaj‘s blue dress. It didn’t work for me, more specifically how the skirt looked on her body.

Here are a few photos from the twitter verse :] You make our call on the best/worst.



Featured Designer: Michelle Lesniak-Franklin


I really should’ve warned you all, but yes it’s a project runway spoiler alert. Project Runway Season 11 winner, Michelle Lesniak Franklin, has shown an incredible amount of growth throughout the season, and has gained a fan in me.

I love how she stayed genuine through the season and stayed true to her aesthetic of being quirky, but knowing where to pull it back. The only time I didn’t agree with her designs was her custom print, when she teamed up with stanley (but hey! everyone’s a critique).

When she said “I’ve worked so hard for so many people, and now I got to work hard for myself”, it brought me to tears. I’ve worked with a few starting designers and know how emotionally painstaking it is to try and make it in this industry, and I’ve shared the highs and lows. Michelle was going through all of that as did all the contestants, but I was able to relate to her more, because she was also amazing at her craft. From the structure of her coats, the knitting of her sweaters, to the leatherwork incorporated with the bags she designed, her collection was a cohesive & creative cluster that told a great story.

I’ll be keeping an eye on you missy! Don’t let me down!

Belle of the Ball

The trend I’m seeing a lot more is the ‘bell sleeve’. Some may argue that it’s very renaissance fare-ish, and I agree, if the trend is patterned as too wide at the ends of the sleeves the outfit can look dated. However there are those designers who get the trend on the mark, and structure their bell sleeve as a more subdued flair, which in my opinion slims out arms and is so much more comfortable. In an over all view I think the style can be very chic and versatile, but you just have to be wary of how big your sleeves flair. 

Think of it this way, huge flair equals a bad hippie look, a more structured flair equals high fashion. 


ImageImage          Image



The Hipster Coalition aka COACHELLA

The modern day woodstock is what they call coachella. The mixture of love, music, and being with friends create this carefree environment. The music festival is usually held when the weather gets a little more accommodating, and people also have to consider the comfort of their clothes (or lack of clothes) for the whole day walking from stage to stage. All in all this music festival has also become a congregation of the laid back fashion, the hipsters, and the raving fashionistas. celebrities are also commoners at this event, so you never know who you are going to run into on the grass.


Spring/Summer 2014 Trend Report



My task this week is getting the trend analysis together for Spring/Summer 2014, so that my designer can get inspired and start her collection for the next season. The whole process is incredibly exciting. I’m investigating reports and runway shows, finding the common trends as well as what I predict to be the new thing. 

So far I’m seeing a whole spectrum of color for all different aspects of fashion, especially menswear. In Womens’ clothing I see printed textiles, using more of textured fabrics instead of strong patterns. Patterns will still be present through the different themes of the collections. I see the 60’s theme with simple palettes and geometric shapes. The tribal and Indian theme is very much still present with the hipster following, but leaning more towards Moroccan influences with handwork and a color palette of nudes and brights. The designers who follow the American Sweetheart trend showed to lean towards nautical with florals, stripes, fruit prints, soft plaids, eyelet, and ginghams prints.

Of course, this is only based on the research I’ve been doing with the resources available on the internet. I plan on looking into this further, with help from my friends in FIDM. I wanna hear what you all think is coming next. What do you think will be the dos and don’ts come Spring/Summer 2014?