Featured Designer: Michelle Lesniak-Franklin


I really should’ve warned you all, but yes it’s a project runway spoiler alert. Project Runway Season 11 winner, Michelle Lesniak Franklin, has shown an incredible amount of growth throughout the season, and has gained a fan in me.

I love how she stayed genuine through the season and stayed true to her aesthetic of being quirky, but knowing where to pull it back. The only time I didn’t agree with her designs was her custom print, when she teamed up with stanley (but hey! everyone’s a critique).

When she said “I’ve worked so hard for so many people, and now I got to work hard for myself”, it brought me to tears. I’ve worked with a few starting designers and know how emotionally painstaking it is to try and make it in this industry, and I’ve shared the highs and lows. Michelle was going through all of that as did all the contestants, but I was able to relate to her more, because she was also amazing at her craft. From the structure of her coats, the knitting of her sweaters, to the leatherwork incorporated with the bags she designed, her collection was a cohesive & creative cluster that told a great story.

I’ll be keeping an eye on you missy! Don’t let me down!