My Skin arsenal.

What’s funny is that my skin used to be my least favorite part of my body, but now it’s my absolute favorite. Growing up I had a lot of problems with my skin, skin asthma being one of them, but my derma got me through the tough times and now I always get compliments on my skin. My skin hasn’t lost it’s sensitivity though, so I’m very picky with the products I use. A moisturizer can very easily burn my skin, if it’s not the right mixture of ingredients. So girls with extra sensitive skin, this post is for you. 

DISCLAIMER: the products may not work the same for everyone, but these helped me with my skin problems.

1. Shiseido’s Eudermine

I grew up with this product since it was one thing my grandma swore by. The Eudermine has been in shiseido’s skin care line since 1897 and has this cult following, with good reason too. This product gently cleanses the skin to take left over dirt and make up, but moisturizes at the same time. the reps say that this is a texturized lotion that also “delivers immediate moisture and improves your skin’s own moisturizing power. The result is supple, smooth skin. Responds to changes in climate to keep the skin’s moisture level constant regardless of location or time of year. Recommended for all skin types. Use morning and night after cleanser.”



2. Benefit’s Total Moisture

I was praying to find the ultimate moisturizer, and I found it in benefit’s counter. The total moisture product is great and isn’t harsh on my skin at all. I honestly tried everything and they would either burn, start to cause rashes, or dry out my skin more. This is fairly new compared to the Eudermine, but I hope benefit keeps it on the market, they’ve gained a loyal customer in me. 


3. Olay Serum

I use the serum on parts of my face that are prone to aging like possible crows feet, laugh lines, and neck line. I only use this at night with the eudermine. I like how it feels light on my face and it’s not greasy. My only complaint is that the smell is strong, and don’t like it mixing with other things. As for the anti-aging, I can’t say much because I’m only 23 but I think of it as a preventative measure. 



As for a facial wash, I honestly just use warm water. I wasn’t allowed to wear any make up till I was 16 and even then it was a bit of eyeliner and lipgloss (which I have to admit is what I put on now, with occasional concealer), so all i really needed was a face cloth and warm water. It’s kept my skin pretty fresh and my pores tight, so yes I do owe my mom a thank you for keeping me away from harmful cosmetics.