Over the weekend #H&M posted a photo of all white looks on their twitter. I’ve also seen this trend on the new Mango Summer Catalogue and Zara’s webpage too. The look is great, and kudos to those who can pull it off without any stains. I however, am at a loss with this look. I will always seem to either spill something on it, trip and fall in something, or sit on a dirty bench. I lack the poise to carry something like this off, so I stick to the safer alternative: off white and cream looks. Don’t get me wrong it’s still very risqué, but I have more chances of hiding that stain lol.


The Urbanism

Well if you couldn’t guess by the title, I’m going to be writing about the urban/street style scene that is personified by the amazing Jeremy Scott. His designs are crazy and wild, it leaves you in that state of wonder. What makes his designs so special is the fact that he lets his imagination run wild with fashion as his medium. 

He plays a lot with print and imaginative structure, but still knows how to flatter the body. He’s worked with a ton of celebrities like Britney Spears, Agyness Deyn, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and my favorite Miss Piggy. He’s brought urban style to a whole other level, and I’m happy that he’s not selling out anytime soon.



If theres one thing I want you to take from Jeremy Scott, it’s that you shouldn’t be afraid to stand out and dream. 

The Power Play

Every so often they come along, the game changers, they revolutionize their industry and change it for all generations to come. They give us something to aspire to become and inspire us with their insight and knowledge. How does one become a game changer? Well if I knew that I’d be driving my dream porsche, but what i do know is it isn’t impossible.

I have always been surrounded by strong women, and thus evidently me wanting to become one of them and me being drawn to them. My mom, grandmother and now mother in law are all strong women. Most of my bosses were amazing women who ran tight ships, and don’t get me started with my coworkers. These women shaped how I envisioned the me in the future, the ideal woman who had a great family, a great business, and of course looked fabulous doing it.

My ultimate idol is Kelly Cutrone, she is an amazing woman who doesn’t feel the need to please everyone, she says it how it is, giving her the nickname Kelly ‘Cut-throat’ Cutrone. She’s one of those people who you either hate or love. I don’t want to sound like a crazed psychotic stalker fan, so I’ll stop with the L word talk (not to be confused with lesbian). I like when shit hits the fan she’s on top of things and makes sure that family comes first. She gets the job done, may be in an unconventional manner but it gets done and done professionally. She is anything but mundane and boring, she’s just great.

One common denominator between all the women I am continually inspired by is that they all put family first and that’s something that has become so important to me. I want to be successful so that I can provide for my family and that there will be no more worrying about the future. I want to inspire other women like these people have inspired me, by excelling at something I love.

Now on to the juicy part of my blog, the fashion behind the article. Every great woman knows how to exude power through how they present them selves and no I’m not talking about the secretary porn fantasy men might have of women who work at offices. Here are a few ideas:






Style: "NG_COLOR" picture-10-e1358474422778



You can tell that the common theme with these power dressed women is black, and to me personally that’s why i wear a lot of black. However, i don’t rule out other colors in looking professional, you just have to keep the silhouette and the structure of your outfit in mind if you’re trying to look professional.

What is that saying…. “A proper skirt length covers the essentials but still short enough to keep things interesting.” lol I’m not quite sure about how it goes but anyway, go out there and rule the world.

My ode to spring time

Let me just say that this year is flying by really quickly, it’s already april. Since I’ve been writing about all the trends this season, I decided to do a piece on what I think spring oozes. It’s the time of year people shed those winter pounds and show off more skin. It’s also a time where wearing lots of color isn’t a bad thing. 

This spring, florals are very much in, along with the pastel palettes and the relaxed silhouettes.  I’ve seen a lot of those maxi skirts and a lot of midriff barring tops (which I find gorgeous on some girls, some shouldn’t even try). It’s a season where one can just feel pretty and light, leaving the heavy fabrics in the fall. 


2013 spring Hairstyles


If you’re anything like me, you get bored of your hair being the same old thing day in and day out. What’s stopping me from changing it so much is the fear of destroying a good thing. I guess that’s how it is, day in and day out we gets used to our routine and some find the uncertainty scary. I have done the short hairstyles, blunt bangs, stick straight, super curly, god knows I even tried blonde once upon a time; honestly none of them really gave me that distinct persona. I wish i was someone who could rock hair and claim it as theres, but what I found that works with me is actually keeping it chic and manageable.

However, I am not exempt from having those days where you look in the mirror and go, “I’m tired of seeing the same thing”. I now have long wavy chocolate brown hair with a few face framing highlights. I know I don’t want to cut it dramatically, cause my naturally curly hair will have a fit. I know my husband loves bangs, but they get in the way of MMA training. oy vey, decisions, decisions. So, I decided to write this post just to give some girls an idea of how the hair trends are going, just in case you are suffering from this as well. You know me, always looking after my readers.


The undone bun/updo, this look has been everywhere lately. I think it comes with the effortless chic involved in achieving it. This photo was taken from the Chloe runway show.


Another effortless hairstyle (for most, I know there are those with amazing stick straight locks), the Rock Chic Wavy hair. I don’t know who to commend for this look, but tons of celebrities use it on an everyday basis. This one is from Versace.


The ‘New Low Pony’, as Harper’s Bazaar calls it. What makes it different than all the other ponytails is that the hair is straightened and held in a loose ponytail just under the nape. This look was seen in Akris.


The use of hair accessories. Now ladies, hair accessories are just like any other accessory, do not, I repeat DO NOT go overkill. it’s tacky..


And lastly, the straight sleek hair kept away from the face but still simply stunning.

I guess I am in luck that the trend seen in most of the runway shows this season is basically not over done hair. I think what they are trying to accomplish here is drawing attention to the face and the outfit more, but not looking like a mess. Simple, sophisticated and chic.

Featured Designer: Carla Sta Cruz

Lately, I find it so difficult to find quality made bags that aren’t overprice/ over saturated with the brand’s logo / versatile enough to go from a work bag to an evening out. If you’ve been to the luxury stores you notice a few things: one, the name brands are what people are raving about, but they are becoming so common that you don’t know which ones are real and which ones are fake. two, the pricing is way off what you get. three, some bags are starting to look down right tacky with their logo placement. What happened to the classic bag designs that Tod’s used to do, the ones you felt comfortable carrying them out to do errands and to a night out. On my search of finding this elusive aesthetic, I found a new designer on the scene, who was already right under my nose, Ms. Carla Sta Cruz.

Carla Sta Cruz is originally from Manila, Philippines and studied design in the great Parson’s School of design. Her bag aesthetic is mixing functionality with the edge of the modern woman. Her line isn’t limited to just bags, but leather accessories, lingerie, and clothing.

In order to produce a great line, you have to gather research from a bevy of sources. A big part in Carla being able to produce great things is learning from some of the greats. She has  interned for Vera Wang, Marchesa and Hugo Boss. She has also worked with Riccardo Tisci, Grace Coddington, and Simon Collin.

How did you get involved in design, and why did you choose to pursue it in NY?

“It was purely accidental. I knew I wanted to study fashion, and I was willing to study in any fashion capital, I really wanted to study in CSM but i got into Parsons instead- which is a very prestigious fashion school so i’m DEFINITELY not complaining.”

Since Couturemecrazy is all about forecasting the trends and picking the current trends apart, I had to ask her where she saw the trends going for 2014. She believes that “We were just clued in that different shades of beige and grays will be used for SS2014 and art nouveau or jugendstil might be re-introduced again in AW 2014”.

Lastly, I asked her what her aesthetic is and her purpose for design. ” In the end, I’m truly aiming for a perfect marriage of trends and functionality. I have no idea how I will do that. Designing for real women is a challenge, and I’m doing my best to be really good at that department.” To her it’s really important to find that zone where any man or woman feels comfortable in their own skin, and in whatever size they may be. Her goal is to make timeless pieces that everyone can hold on to for years to come.

To me Carls’s designs are on point, and are going the right direction with regards to finding that combination of style and function. She is not only talented, but stays true to the person she is. I met her way back in 2007, partying in the club scene in Manila, but she has always been such a lovely person to talk to. Glad to see the fashion world isn’t getting to her head, and keeping her dedicated to her craft.

Enough of the chitter chatter, I will let her line speak for itself. I’ll let you guys decide.

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Travel in style

For all you fashionistas with a travel itinerary, this is the post for you. I’ve had my share of travels, having my mom live in Sweden and my dad in the Philippines and of course me based in California, I’m no stranger to the long security check points and the airplane food. Some experiences can be more pleasing compared to others, but I still am finding my own personal style that mix comfort, functionality and class. In my search I’ve found some key items I never travel without.

1. Oversized Sunglasses

Okay, so those red-eye flights can be a bummer, but most people are trying to save money nowadays, so lots of us are going to get on one. A mixture of lack of sleep, running of the bit of caffeine before the flight, and probably a hang over. This is where the sunnies come in to play to save the day. 



2. Oversized Scarves

These babies double as an accessory and an additional blanket for short or long flights. I always take mine even on a long car ride. It’s a great mix of functionality and style



3. Great Flats

Those checkpoints can be killer. When I go home to the Philippines, our airport has three check points before you get on the plane. Therefore heels and strapped shoes for me are out of the question. 



4. Layering

When I go visit my mommy in Sweden, the weather can be so unpredictable, so my best defense is to be smart with my layering. Layer on, so I have options. 



5. Comfy Blazer

Fitted blazers have their own place and time, but on a long flight they can be more a nuisance than serve their purpose. 


The Hipster Coalition aka COACHELLA

The modern day woodstock is what they call coachella. The mixture of love, music, and being with friends create this carefree environment. The music festival is usually held when the weather gets a little more accommodating, and people also have to consider the comfort of their clothes (or lack of clothes) for the whole day walking from stage to stage. All in all this music festival has also become a congregation of the laid back fashion, the hipsters, and the raving fashionistas. celebrities are also commoners at this event, so you never know who you are going to run into on the grass.


How do you find your inspiration?

Taking a tinsy break from the trending to ask you a question, How do you find your inspiration for what you do? I understand that this question may be somewhat broad, but I like knowing what inspires people. For me what inspires me to be the best at something, especially my professional life is to be able to give my family the life they deserve. In my creative life, that can vary hugely on my mood, but i guess to sum it up I get inspired by things that are out of the norm, the mundane, and ordinary. I guess that’s why most of my screen names I’m called UNORTHODOX_YSA (a little shameless self advertising: follow me on twitter @unorthodox_ysa, and

This is what I look forward to whenever I see a designer being interviewed, or when I actually have a chance to talk to a designer. I love hearing what inspires her to make such beautiful pieces of art. Then when you find out, everything in the collection starts telling a story. It makes you feel much more passionate about the craft, and it also let’s you get to know the designer a little more.

A few examples:


















The show took inspiration from nature, particularly the vast landscape of the Nevada wild.


I guess what I’m trying to get at is not to be afraid to tell your story and share your inspiration. If fashion stops being fun, then it becomes a chore, and not many people like chores.

She’s got those eyes



Statement Sunnies are one of this season’s hottest trend. They’ve been around for decades, even jackie O was famous for sporting a pair of great sunnies. As for who’s responsible for them coming back, for me it’s probably a tie up between Kanye West and Lady Gaga.

Great pair of glasses can complete your look or give mystery to the person behind the shades. It’s a great way to express yourself without having to even say a word. A word of caution to us girls, no matter how trendy your glasses are, know what looks good with your face shape.