To the ‘Max-i’

The Maxi Dress and Skirt style seems to be circulating yet again, well as it does every spring and summer time. What makes it so different this year is the trend of illusion fabrics and playing with the cut of fabrics, that plays into modernizing the trend.

A huge advocate of the look is none other than RZ herself. Rachel Zoe says that she doesn’t understand why stores don’t carry more maxis, because its the simplest way to carry out a look that’s chic and manageable. I totally agree with her, and would love to own more sequined donned maxis, but alas all the stores I go to are only carrying the jersey knit maxis.

The trend, contrary to the length of the skirt, can be carried out even by the petite girls. However I do warn you that you have to consider fit and the right fabric, or else you can look like you are swimming in the dress instead of wearing it.



The Fifth Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic - VIP Marquee




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