California Living

When i moved to California, my husband and I didn’t have much. I was moving from the Philippines and he was coming from rhode island, so we started from scratch. We started with hand me down furniture from a buddy of his, and a bedroom set he bought last minute to get the apartment together, that was about it. Just like any new set of newlyweds the excitement is in gathering new pieces from different places and creating your home together, so I wasn’t really worried. My goal was to make this white-walled apartment into our home and subsequently my creative lair.
A big part of getting inspired is what you surround yourself with, and your home is that central hub. It should your happy place, it should resonate your personality. Your home is your safety net from the harsh realities of life, it’s where you go to regroup, yet sometimes it’s that one part of your lifestyle that you over look. When your home is as inspiring as your work, it encourages those creative juices to start flowing naturally and helps with the process of creating art.
A place I go to get inspired is Carlsbad Village, this district is lined with local boutiques and talent, you never know what you’ll find. One lazy day while researching boutiques (what I tell my husband I do, when finding an excuse to shop), I came across the vibrant little shop on Carlsbad Boulevard, the shop’s name was CC Gilmore. I was intrigued, first because they used my favorite shade of teal on their wall paper, next by figuring out what they were selling.
I was able to speak with the owner of the store, and I could just see her passion for this shop and how much she loved introducing her customers to the Coastal Modern lifestyle. Coastal Modern still uses the element of the coast: water, sand, glass and woods, but are adding that modern twist to it by not using the obvious to represent these elements. You walk into the store expecting to find the kitsch that most of the furniture stores by the coast have, like sand in bottles, dried up sand dollars and starfish. They have the feel of the coast but with modern elements like a minimalist painting, a statement table or chair, pillows with unique prints and the feel of the fabrics.




You must be wondering why I chose to feature a interior designer this week, and the answer is that interior design and architecture inspires people, even in fashion. Architectural structures always inspire designers of New York, and at the end of the day, interior design is an art form of it’s own. It creates it’s own movement of trends and don’t think I let Cindy get away without her giving me the dish on what she sees coming up for interior design. She said “the houses are getting smaller. around 2000 sq feet so the Furnishings are also getting smaller. The trend is hardy fabrics that will hold up to pets, kids, and eating on sofas while watching TV. The linens are in natural colors on the furniture and color on the walls. Wall Paper is back for accent walls, with big bold shapes. Woods are more driftwood colors or clear, yes clear. Rooms are layered with textures down to sweater like rugs on the floors. I could go on and on”. I guess we just have to stay tuned and see what the interior design world has, and CC Gilmore is a shop you must stop by when you are in Carlsbad. Check it out, you won’t be disappointed!


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