The Power Play

Every so often they come along, the game changers, they revolutionize their industry and change it for all generations to come. They give us something to aspire to become and inspire us with their insight and knowledge. How does one become a game changer? Well if I knew that I’d be driving my dream porsche, but what i do know is it isn’t impossible.

I have always been surrounded by strong women, and thus evidently me wanting to become one of them and me being drawn to them. My mom, grandmother and now mother in law are all strong women. Most of my bosses were amazing women who ran tight ships, and don’t get me started with my coworkers. These women shaped how I envisioned the me in the future, the ideal woman who had a great family, a great business, and of course looked fabulous doing it.

My ultimate idol is Kelly Cutrone, she is an amazing woman who doesn’t feel the need to please everyone, she says it how it is, giving her the nickname Kelly ‘Cut-throat’ Cutrone. She’s one of those people who you either hate or love. I don’t want to sound like a crazed psychotic stalker fan, so I’ll stop with the L word talk (not to be confused with lesbian). I like when shit hits the fan she’s on top of things and makes sure that family comes first. She gets the job done, may be in an unconventional manner but it gets done and done professionally. She is anything but mundane and boring, she’s just great.

One common denominator between all the women I am continually inspired by is that they all put family first and that’s something that has become so important to me. I want to be successful so that I can provide for my family and that there will be no more worrying about the future. I want to inspire other women like these people have inspired me, by excelling at something I love.

Now on to the juicy part of my blog, the fashion behind the article. Every great woman knows how to exude power through how they present them selves and no I’m not talking about the secretary porn fantasy men might have of women who work at offices. Here are a few ideas:






Style: "NG_COLOR" picture-10-e1358474422778



You can tell that the common theme with these power dressed women is black, and to me personally that’s why i wear a lot of black. However, i don’t rule out other colors in looking professional, you just have to keep the silhouette and the structure of your outfit in mind if you’re trying to look professional.

What is that saying…. “A proper skirt length covers the essentials but still short enough to keep things interesting.” lol I’m not quite sure about how it goes but anyway, go out there and rule the world.


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