Featured Designer: Carla Sta Cruz

Lately, I find it so difficult to find quality made bags that aren’t overprice/ over saturated with the brand’s logo / versatile enough to go from a work bag to an evening out. If you’ve been to the luxury stores you notice a few things: one, the name brands are what people are raving about, but they are becoming so common that you don’t know which ones are real and which ones are fake. two, the pricing is way off what you get. three, some bags are starting to look down right tacky with their logo placement. What happened to the classic bag designs that Tod’s used to do, the ones you felt comfortable carrying them out to do errands and to a night out. On my search of finding this elusive aesthetic, I found a new designer on the scene, who was already right under my nose, Ms. Carla Sta Cruz.

Carla Sta Cruz is originally from Manila, Philippines and studied design in the great Parson’s School of design. Her bag aesthetic is mixing functionality with the edge of the modern woman. Her line isn’t limited to just bags, but leather accessories, lingerie, and clothing.

In order to produce a great line, you have to gather research from a bevy of sources. A big part in Carla being able to produce great things is learning from some of the greats. She has  interned for Vera Wang, Marchesa and Hugo Boss. She has also worked with Riccardo Tisci, Grace Coddington, and Simon Collin.

How did you get involved in design, and why did you choose to pursue it in NY?

“It was purely accidental. I knew I wanted to study fashion, and I was willing to study in any fashion capital, I really wanted to study in CSM but i got into Parsons instead- which is a very prestigious fashion school so i’m DEFINITELY not complaining.”

Since Couturemecrazy is all about forecasting the trends and picking the current trends apart, I had to ask her where she saw the trends going for 2014. She believes that “We were just clued in that different shades of beige and grays will be used for SS2014 and art nouveau or jugendstil might be re-introduced again in AW 2014”.

Lastly, I asked her what her aesthetic is and her purpose for design. ” In the end, I’m truly aiming for a perfect marriage of trends and functionality. I have no idea how I will do that. Designing for real women is a challenge, and I’m doing my best to be really good at that department.” To her it’s really important to find that zone where any man or woman feels comfortable in their own skin, and in whatever size they may be. Her goal is to make timeless pieces that everyone can hold on to for years to come.

To me Carls’s designs are on point, and are going the right direction with regards to finding that combination of style and function. She is not only talented, but stays true to the person she is. I met her way back in 2007, partying in the club scene in Manila, but she has always been such a lovely person to talk to. Glad to see the fashion world isn’t getting to her head, and keeping her dedicated to her craft.

Enough of the chitter chatter, I will let her line speak for itself. I’ll let you guys decide.

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