Travel in style

For all you fashionistas with a travel itinerary, this is the post for you. I’ve had my share of travels, having my mom live in Sweden and my dad in the Philippines and of course me based in California, I’m no stranger to the long security check points and the airplane food. Some experiences can be more pleasing compared to others, but I still am finding my own personal style that mix comfort, functionality and class. In my search I’ve found some key items I never travel without.

1. Oversized Sunglasses

Okay, so those red-eye flights can be a bummer, but most people are trying to save money nowadays, so lots of us are going to get on one. A mixture of lack of sleep, running of the bit of caffeine before the flight, and probably a hang over. This is where the sunnies come in to play to save the day. 



2. Oversized Scarves

These babies double as an accessory and an additional blanket for short or long flights. I always take mine even on a long car ride. It’s a great mix of functionality and style



3. Great Flats

Those checkpoints can be killer. When I go home to the Philippines, our airport has three check points before you get on the plane. Therefore heels and strapped shoes for me are out of the question. 



4. Layering

When I go visit my mommy in Sweden, the weather can be so unpredictable, so my best defense is to be smart with my layering. Layer on, so I have options. 



5. Comfy Blazer

Fitted blazers have their own place and time, but on a long flight they can be more a nuisance than serve their purpose. 



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