Relax Love, it’s just Rock ‘n Roll



The sound of leather chaffing, the mussed up hair, the dark aviators, the fringed coifs, and the carpe diem attitude, it must be rock’n roll. This music genre has been around a long time, and have evolved as time went by. Many designers turn to music to get inspired, and most of them turn to rock’n roll. The music alone captures the essence of the I don’t give a F**k attitude. When it’s interpreted to fashion, everyone goes a little wild.




7 thoughts on “Relax Love, it’s just Rock ‘n Roll

    • I truly apologize to all of you guys who posted comments awhile back! they all went to spam, and I’ve only read them now! Thank you so so much and I promise not to let you all down, and keep blogging about great things!

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