The Beginning of something great


I’ve written blogs before. Some of them revolved about my teenage life and drama. My most recent one, ended up being the story of how my husband and I came to be together. However, nothing with much significance into what truly interests me.

Let me introduce myself, my name is Ysa P. Cottrell. I’m originally a Finance major who was entering law school, but has got sucked into the world of fashion. Okay, maybe sucked into is too excessive. I understand my major in college may be completely on the other end of the spectrum, but doesn’t mean I don’t know finely constructed pieces of art.

My interest in fashion started early on, mostly scrounging in my grandmother’s closet and make-up with my cousins. We were privileged to grow up around the great names. Some of her favorites were: Issey Miyake, Hanae Mori, Prada, Gucci, and Yves Saint Laurent. Gorgeous garments, and she had even better taste in jewelry. She always wears two necklaces, both Tiffany, single stranded with an emerald round pendant and another single stranded yellow gold necklace with a diamond pendant. She was and always be one of my icons I look up to.

Another person who I looked to for a sense of style was my mother. She taught me that some people, even with all the money can’t buy class and style. She taught me the importance of balance, structure, and the collaboration of color. With her staple polo and jeans, some people thought of my mother as plain in the realm of fashion. I did not, she taught me to appreciate the classics, and the power of a statement piece.

Growing up I had this stigma instilled in me that pursuing art, isn’t the smartest route to go. Along with seeing all the starving artists pursuing their craft, I heard the only way to be a famous artist is to die first, then your work will cost millions. Pretty harsh point of view, I know, but this is what the world taught me.

So I pursued what I was good at, business. I was great with money, especially with other people’s money. It was making good pay, but one thing was lacking…. passion. My mom asked me one day, “what is it you really want to do” and all I could say was “maybe, I don’t really know what I want to do.” Then it struck me, I was envious of the creatives. Those who actually had the guts to pursue their passion project, those who loved working cause it felt fun. I thought about it and I decided to go for it.

Okay, this isn’t some extreme dream. I’m still in the business side of fashion, marketing and merchandising, but the scope of my job is something I understand and enjoy. I’m now a Brand Ambassador, Trend Forecaster for Soialbliss, and a Marketing Coordinator for Skylim. Did I mention I’m starting my jewelry line?

I know it’s not going to happen overnight, and I don’t expect it to. I want to ultimately join a corporation that can control trends. Not just join, but become one of the movers and shakers. I want to be who they’re talking about (in a good way). I’m learning the craft by jumping head first into it. I’m learning textiles and the construction of garments as well as Social Branding. I’m also learning how to mix in my finance degree. After all, what is a business with a faulty strategic budget plan.

What I’m getting to is; this blog is about my passion and how I’m pursuing it. The trends of each season. My main purpose is to show that nothing is impossible and I want to embody that. I want others to know that it’s great to be a creative, it’s your gift. Also, I want to write about those who inspire me. After all, I wouldn’t be who I am today without those who helped me along the way. I won’t ever forget those who were standing by and supporting me.

So, enjoy my blog. I hope great things come out of this.

If it’s his will, it will be done… and so it is


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